Whiny Bitch



Jenna- If you had an issue with things I posted, you should have came to me, not hurt a boy who truly does love you. But who am I to say. You are free to react how ever you desire and I respect it. I also have a feeling that what Curtis relayed to me only expresses 20% of what you truly feel right now.

Curtis- You’re a terrible human being and you have no idea how to respect women or be a kind friend, regardless of Jenna OR me. If this situation somehow comes down to being my fault in your eyes, I should have personally cut you out of my life months ago, because you clearly weren’t worth all my efforts. I hope everything works out for you and that losing 2 great girls is worth it. (3 if you include Mikhaljena, 4 if Emily still talks to you after this)

Otherwise, I am NOT apologizing to EITHER of you.

My existence on this planet should not be effecting EITHER OF YOU this heavily. There are soooo many issues underlying this one neither of you never completely dealt with, but please, I am more than happy to be the scapegoat now that I am out of both of your lives.